The Santa Cristina Estate includes an area of 10 hectares dedicated to olive groves; the production of extra-virgin olive oil is therefore an important part of our activity.
The olives are picked from the trees between November and Dicember and taken to the farm’s oil-press within 24 hours.
The extra virgin olive oil extraction process takes place using the traditional cold method, to preserve all the nutritive ingredients without altering the organoleptic features. The resulting extra virgin oil has a very low acidity content (0,3% of oleic acid).
The colour is green with golden yellow hues and the oil is fresh, intense and fragrant on the nose, with a clear, pleasant aroma of olives. The flavour is fruity and the finish is long andaromatic.
Upon their arrival in one of our self catering villas, our guests will receive a welcome basket with the genuine Italian products of our land: our own estate red wine, white wine and extra virgin olive oil. We will also provide milk, water, bread, butter, eggs, biscuits, salt, sugar, tea, coffee, jam.