A perfect getaway also for a phisically impaired traveller

We put the maximum care in satisfying the needs of all our guests. This is why in the renovation process we made two of our self catering villas, Villa Domitilla and Villa Laurentia, fully wheelchair accessible and fitted to host guests with disabilities. Both the villas have comfortable bedrooms on the ground floor, with ample doors and a fully accessible, private bathroom with all the facilities needed to host a guest on a wheelchair.

The spaces inside and around the villas are ample and all architectonic barriers have been removed. One is able to drive in to the main entrance directly with the car. The large ground floor hall allows for easy access and movement and all doors are large enough to allow passage for wheelchairs.

Access to the gardens is through a doorway which allows for an easy passage to the terrace that precedes the main garden.
 Access to the swimming pool is also easy and comfortable although not equipped with special- lift facilities.

The spacious indoor and outdoor areas, the availability of our staff, experienced for catering for the disabled or elderly with mobility problems, will make your stay absolutely comfortable.

Rent Villa Laurentia or Villa Domitilla to have an accessibile and unforgettable Italian holiday.


Make your stay absolutely comfortable


  • Entrance Doorway width: 110cm
  • The main entrance is easily reachable by car.
  • All the doors at ground floor are wheelchair accessible.
  • One of the bedrooms is conveniently found on the ground floor whose ensuite bathroom is handicapped equipped for the disabled.
  • All the doors at ground width: 90 cm
  • Height of highest toilet (from floor to seat): 52cm
  • Toilet with Left Transfer and Toilet with Right Transfer
  • Toilet grab rails on both sides
  • Shower has grab rails
  • Shower has a drop down chair