Traditional country villas for a relaxing holiday

The Santa Cristina Estate is your best choice for a relaxing holiday in the heart of Italy. Located in the country just a few kilometers from Rome, the estate comprises the original eighteenth century Villa Santa Cristina and four colonial villas, all available for rent.

Rome, Tuscany and Umbria and many of the best art cities in central Italy are located a short car trip away; golf courses and riding schools can be found near the estate while private sport facilities, like tennis courts, football field, table tennis and private pools are part of our property. In the Santa Cristina Estate, you can tailor your experience on your desires!

Villa Domitilla and Villa Sveva are semi-detached properties and share a large swimming pool with private changing cabins. These villas are perfect for a large group of friends or for family reunions. Villa Santa Cristina, Villa Laurentia and Villa Mary offer the luxury of private swimming pools. Each of the villas is independent and private and features a private garden with lawn and a panoramic pergola dining terrace.

Choose to spend your holiday in the estate and relax in the large swimming pools or tan on the English lawn. Sport lovers may also play five–a side–football or tennis in a new court with artificial turf at exclusive use of Santa Cristina guests.

The Santa Cristina Estate, italian vacation villas, offer a safe and enjoyable accommodation for families with kids and guests with disabilities. In Villa Domitilla and Villa Laurentia one of the bedrooms is conveniently located on the ground floor and their private bathrooms are equipped for the disabled.

Culture, excursions, sport, relax. The Santa Cristina Estate can give you all this and much more.  And don’t forget the genuine products of our land!
All our villas are available for rent through the year.


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An historical farm rooted in the heart of italian countryside

Located in the heart of Sabina, our company has, for over a hundred years, worked passionately to preserve and transmit the genuine flavours of our territory. The property covers more than one hundred hectares, including large and lush hills that slope gently towards the plains.

Until the late ’80s, the estate boasted one of the largest and most modern farms of Maremma cattle breeds. However, since the early ’90s, the company started focusing instead on the production and cultivation of vineyards and olive groves.

The ancient farming tradition is still alive: the guests that rent one of the villas of the Santa Cristina Estate will find themselves in the center of the rich agricultural tradition of central Italy.

The products of our land are the main ingredients in many traditional dishes of the area. Italian food at its best and most genuine, accompanied by the wines produced in our vineyards. Our lush hills are particularly favorable for growing Cabernet, Merlot, Sangiovese and Montepulciano grapes. The result is an excellent fruity and lively wine that embodies the authentic and natural flavor of Sabina.

We also produce an excellent extra virgin olive oil, derived exclusively from our olive groves. The olives are picked and processed with the utmost care and attention to ensure a high quality oil with low acidity.

The historical traditions of rural Sabina merge perfectly with the most modern agricultural production methods, ensuring that our products retain their original quality, tradition and taste.


Over one hundred years of passion for the territory

Santa Cristina is a large farming estate located only a few miles north of Rome and owned by an ancient Italian aristocratic family, the counts Orsolini Cencelli. The estate is made up of five villas, luxury accommodations all available for renting, and large farming grounds.

In the center of the Estate lies Villa Santa Cristina, a truly magnificent example of 18th century Italian architecture. The property lies on an ancient settlement. In the surrounding area several archaeological findings, dating back to the second century BC., have been unearthed and are now part of the collection of the Museum of Magliano Sabina. During World War II it was used as a hospital by German soldiers.

After the War, Count Valentino Orsolini Cencelli retired to his private life there. He was the father of the present owner, and was a notable Italian politician of the ’30s, best known for directing the draining of the Pontine Marshes, and for founding the cities of Sabaudia and Latina.
The other four villas, Mary, Laurentia, Domitilla and Sveva, were commissioned in the thirties by the same Count Valentino, designed on the model of colonial architecture present in the Pontine area during that famous draining period.

A good part of that glorious period still lives today within the walls of these ancient structures, which were all recently renovated to bring modern day comfort to past traditional ambient.


Sabhos white wine: a stylish, lingering bouquet

The white wine Sabhos is the result of a careful selection of Malvasia 50%, Trebbiano 40% and Grechetto 10% grapes harvested by hand and vinified separately.
Color intense straw-yellow.
At nose present a very intense, lingering and stylish bouquet with floreal and fruit notes.Flavour tart, round and vinous.
Serving temperature: 10-12 C°.
Matching with food: particular adapt for fresh cheeses, white meets, fishes and crubs.


Extra virgin olive oil, traditional treasure of Sabina  territory

The Santa Cristina Estate includes an area of 10 hectares dedicated to olive groves; the production of extra-virgin olive oil is therefore an important part of our activity.
The olives are picked from the trees between November and Dicember and taken to the farm’s oil-press within 24 hours.
The extra virgin olive oil extraction process takes place using the traditional cold method, to preserve all the nutritive ingredients without altering the organoleptic features. The resulting extra virgin oil has a very low acidity content (0,3% of oleic acid).
The colour is green with golden yellow hues and the oil is fresh, intense and fragrant on the nose, with a clear, pleasant aroma of olives. The flavour is fruity and the finish is long andaromatic.